Marketing 101 for Chiropractors

Learn How to Become Your Own Marketing Expert

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This Program Will Teach You How to Become Your Own Marketing Expert...

1.  Learn How to Get More Clients Walking In Your Door

2.  Learn How to Increase Referrals from Existing Clients

3.  Learn How to Retain More Clients AND Have Them Come Back More frequently

4.  Learn How to Save Time, Aggravation, and Money

5.  Learn How to Use Strategic Marketing to Increase Your Income and Profit


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Chiropractors have different approaches to marketing.

Which group below do you sympathize the most with?

The Ostrich

This type goes out of their way to avoid any potential marketing situations. They ignore marketing opportunities, don’t read newsletters or stay current, and basically bury their head in the sand.

The Trender

This type is constantly on the look-out for the newest and the latest. They are quick to try the next shiny object or anything that comes along, and, with little success, they are normally on to the next fad at the blink of an eye.

The Dedicated

This type invests their time, money, and energy over a long period of time and are the ones who see the best results. They join groups, take courses and go to numerous events, read and study, and constantly practice.

The Dedicated group certainly gets the best results.
But considering their time, money and energy invested,
the important question is,

"Isn't there an easier, faster, better way to get results?"

The simple answer is YES! 
Which brings us to our last group. Well, it really isn't a group,
as there are very few people who fit into this category.


This person has these qualifications:

+   Someone who has dedicated a huge portion of his life to solving the everyday marketing challenges.
+   Someone who has spent his own time working through numerous courses, classes and programs to become the most educated in dealing with marketing.
+   Someone who has tried all of the claimed solutions in real-life, practical situations, to determine what works, and more importantly, what doesn't work.
+   Someone who has invested their time, energy and money seeking out solutions.

And after all of this the Expert has:

+   Spent countless hours perfecting the solution AND has the ability to turn that knowledge and experience into a fun, interesting, action-packed program that provides instant results, without having the student commit to the same time, energy, and money invested that the Expert has.

An Expert, by definition,
is someone who has spent
over 10,000 hours
honing their skills and perfecting their craft.

Introducing Durango's Marketing Expert...

Michael J. Haskett

Michael is the founder, Creative Director, and Marketing Specialist for Durango Courses™, Durango Marketing and Durango Publishing Corp.®. 

Over the past 3 decades he has had a varied and extensive business background with the key focus on marketing.

He has started 4 businesses from scratch, ranging from a 1-man operation to a staff of 13. In each case, the use of strategic marketing was responsible for significant growth in the business and led to substantial profits when sold.

Throughout the years as a marketing professional he has assisted many individuals and companies in increasing their sales and profits.

Marketing 101 for Chiropractors.
What You'll Get In This Program...

6 Month Marketing Program

The program is limited to 10 Chiropractors

to allow lots of time for each participant

 to ask their questions and get personal support​

on exactly what the pressing issues are for them. 

Monthly Group Conference Call

Each month a specific marketing topic will be covered:

  • How to increase referrals?
  • What marketing actually works today?
  • How to increase referrals?
  • How to retain more clients and have them come back more frequently?
  • Each session is interactive and has time for questions and answers.

Personal One-on-One Coaching

During these calls we will go over exactly which areas you want to focus on. You can submit your questions 1 week in advance of the call so that Michael can properly prepare and customize the material for you. And if you don’t know what area to focus on, he will help evaluate what is the most pressing issue you are having.
• These one-on-one skype calls are scheduled at a convenient time for you within the 6 month program.

Monthly Email Check In

Once a month the Durango Team will check in on you via email. This is an opportunity to bring up any topics or issues that you are dealing with.

And as a bonus, you have email access to Michael.

Only our coaching clients have direct email access to Michael. Typically he responds within 1-2 days.

Your Professional Life WILL Change…

  • More Clients Walking in Your Door
  • More Clients coming back More often
  • More Referrals
  • More appointments booked
  • More Confidence and Knowledge in your marketing abilities

What Others Are Saying...


"He always knows what is working with marketing..."

“Michael is our marketing expert. He started a Facebook campaign for our Holiday Events and in just 4 months we have booked over $42,300 in new revenue. This represented a 6 X ROI (return on investment). And the best part is that the phone keeps ringing! 

He always knows what is working with marketing and how to structure a campaign to get the maximum results for our business. His knowledge and professionalism is remarkable.”

Jenny Stanfield, Director, Sales and Marketing, Engagement Unlimited


"Michael is, without a doubt, an EXPERT in Marketing!"

“I am constantly amazed at the knowledge Michael has when it comes to marketing. His ability to sort through the numerous options, determine a course of action, and then successfully implement the program is incredible. 

"As a professional I consider myself an expert in my field. Michael is, without a doubt, an EXPERT in Marketing!"

Dr. Frank McDiarmid, DC


"Michael has incredible knowledge about all aspects of marketing!"

“As a business owner, I just do not have time to deal with all of  my marketing issues, and Durango makes it very easy for us to produce a professional newsletter that our customers love. And the results are excellent.

"One thing I really like is that Michael has incredible knowledge about all aspects of marketing. He has been there as a business owner, tested and tried everything in marketing, and continues to stay current on new ideas and platforms. He is an EXPERT in marketing."

Glen Hall, Owner, Penticton Honda Centre

Is This Program Right For You?

This program is not for everybody. Check below to see if you qualify.

Who is this for

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    Professional Chiropractors
  • check-circle-o
    Chiropractors who want to increase the clients walking in their door
  • check-circle-o
    Chiropractors who want EXPERT guidance to work through their marketing challenges
  • check-circle-o
    Chiropractors who want to increase referrals, retain more clients, and have these same clients come back more frequently

Who is this not for

  • times-circle-o
    Practitioners who are so busy that they can't take on any new clients
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    Practitioners who are ready to retire (but... increasing income and profits before selling should lead to a higher buyout!)
  • times-circle-o
    Practitioners who are already marketing experts and have the experience, knowledge and skills to maximize their marketing efforts

Start Today! ONLY 10 Seats Available. Join NOW, Before it is Too Late!!

Only 1 Payment of $897

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    6 X Monthly 60 Minute Interactive Video Conference Group Coaching Call ($600 value)
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    3 x 30 Minute Personal One-on-One Coaching Session via Skype ($750 Value)
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    Monthly Check-ins: Once a month the Durango Team will check in on you via email ($250 Value)
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    Email access: Only our coaching clients have direct email access to Michael ($600 value)
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    24/7 Access to the recorded Monthly Coaching Calls        
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    100% Money Back Guarantee              
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    TOTAL VALUE = $2,200.00

HURRY! Once 10 Chiropractors register, this offer is no longer available. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to work with an Expert Marketing Specialist.

Get Expert Guidance on How to Successfully Manage Your Marketing... and Get MORE Clients Walking In Your Door!

If you decide within 30 days of signing up that you no longer wish to continue the program, you will be entitled to cancel and get a full refund. However, if you’ve already used your 1st personal one-on-one coaching session a refund is not offered (since the service has already been rendered).

Michael Haskett, Director and Marketing Specialist, Durango Courses™


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