The NEUROSCIENCE Video Mini-Course for Introverted Entrepreneurs

Welcome Introverted Entrepreneurs!! Are you ready for some amazing information? Watch the videos below to learn how new findings in NeuroScience will positively change the way YOU will work and live on a daily basis.

As an added bonus, there is a Support Guide for each video to help you "Lock in Your Learning". Just click on the link beside the video to download the Support Guide as a PDF. It will open in a new window. You will have an option to SAVE or PRINT the PDF. You can also zoom in and out by clicking on the (+) and (-).

Now it's time to get started. Click on the 1st video below!!

Video 1

Using NeuroScience, learn how to control the emotionally expressive people within your circle, so that you can have a positive, rewarding, and successful...

>>  meeting
>>  sales call
>>  review
>>  networking
>>  presentation

Video 2 
Out Loud Learning

Introverts tend to have powerful internal worlds that can create issues, especially when doing Entrepreneurial tasks. Using the NeuroScience trick of OUT LOUD LEARNING (by speaking or writing) you will see how much more you can learn and remember and, even better, take ownership of.

Video 3 
Stranger Stress

Neuroscience proves that humans have an instinctive response to strangers (and it’s not positive!). Learn how, as an introverted entrepreneur, to deal with strangers as part of your job and turn stranger stress into trust.

Video 4 
Positive Priming

Positive energy is power but humans default to negative automatically when under stress, especially Introverted Entrepreneurs. Learn how to use NeuroScience to fight back by Priming with POSITIVE POWER.

Video 5 
Stress = Lack of Sleep

Learn how lack of sleep causes stress, and more importantly, how to avoid misinterpreting it as an introvert weakness.

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