Get Comfortable Being UNcomfortable

Learn how to Turbo Charge your growth as an Introverted Entrepreneur and how to BETTER understand and interpret the SIGNS of discomfort.


Get Comfortable Being UNcomfortable - Video Course

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  • TURBO CHARGE your growth as an Introverted Entrepreneur.
  • Learn to BETTER understand and interpret the SIGNS of discomfort.
  • Understand the challenges and advantages of being a HERD species.
  • Identify your SELF-PERPETUATED issues and DISCOVER how they determine YOUR reality more than ACTUAL reality.

You’ll save countless time, energy and headaches by finally knowing how to quickly deal with UNcomfortable situations and turn them into positive outcomes. 

The choice is yours.

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"Get Comfortable Being UNcomfortable" is a 2 video set. Part 1 is 15 minutes and Part 2 is 21 minutes.

Recognize the picture?  It's Mark Twain, the famous author.

He said,

"There are two types of people in the world-

1. The Nervous

2. The Liars"​

"Get Comfortable Being UNcomfortable" explains Mr. Twain's statement and how it can be used by Introverted Entrepreneurs to better control their discomfort and turn it to their advantage.

Most people think of discomfort as a sign to run-away. "Get Comfortable Being UNcomfortable" flips that to: Discomfort is a sign to pay attention here. But it goes further to give concrete actions and strategies to better deal with the UNcomfortable tasks and responsibilities that Entrepreneurs deal with on a daily, even hourly, basis.

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