When you feel stress and anxiety, do you feel paralyzed and helpless?

No fun, right?

Have you been there? Struggling? Fighting? Maybe hurting?

Does STRESS stop you from achieving your goals as a LEADER?

Do you have important things to say but struggle getting them out?

Do you feel like you self-sabotage under stress?

Does fear grip you before or during important meetings or events?

Well, don't feel bad, because that happens to most people.
You certainly are not alone.

Stress is part of the human condition, unavoidable and even necessary. But stress can also be a problem that most people just don't know how to deal with.

Take Jim, our friend that works in a local office. He likes his job, likes the people he works with, and he even likes the hours he works. Once a year Jim has to give a report at the annual general meeting, and this is where things start to go bad for Jim. Weeks before he starts to feel pressure about the upcoming meeting. He loses focus at work, becomes moody, and sometimes calls in sick, even when he isn't.

Jim is experiencing stress. He doesn't know how to transform his stress into power and stop dreading the yearly meeting.

Susan has been working for an advertising company for 4 years. She does a great job, is pleasant to work with, and ​every week or two she stays late to catch up on the extra paperwork. She knows that she is overdue for a raise, but she just can't find the confidence to approach her boss and ask for it.

Susan is experiencing stress.  She doesn't know how to increase her confidence so she can get her well-deserved raise.

Chuck is a sales rep for a mid-sized auto parts store. He loves his independence at work, the people he meets and the monthly road trip he takes to see his bigger clients. He is great one-on-one, but dealing with a small group of people is just too much for him. He knows that joining a networking club would be good for both his business and personal life, but he just doesn't have the confidence in social events or groups.

Chuck is experiencing stress. He doesn't know how to change his stress so he can better handle group settings. 

Jim, Susan and Chuck are all allowing stress to control them, instead of transforming that stress and increasing their confidence and their personal power.

Did you know that...?

  • NEW studies on STRESS reveal that the way you think about stress…determines its impact on you.
  • STRESS is necessary for peak performance.
  • STRESS impacts your character.

Did you also know that...?

  • STRESS can be used to your advantage.
  • Cutting edge research can be applied to help you transform STRESS in your own life.
  • Insiders use SECRETS to help them transform their stress into power and increased confidence.

What do you think is the percentage of people who regularly experience physical symptoms of stress?

22%,  44%,  or  66% ?

According to the American Psychological Association’s latest stress survey, 66 % of people regularly experience physical symptoms of stress, and 63 % experience psychological symptoms. That means 2 out of every 3 persons is in that group, and if you are in that large group, you have lots of company.

Do you experience stress and/or anxiety in any of these situations...?

  • Giving a presentation?
  • Making a sales pitch?
  • Talking to your partner about… finances? ... Anger management?
  • Leading a meeting? 
  • Asking someone out on a date?
  • Attending networking or social events?
  • Taking exams?
  • Going for a job interview?
  • When you are ready to propose?
  • Asking for a raise? 
  • Dealing with family holidays?
  • ​Going through a performance review? 
  • Talking to your teen about… drinking, sex, behavior, attitude…?
  • Talking to a bank about a loan or mortgage?
  • Working with co-workers on a new assignment? 
  • Taking care of your ageing parents?
  • Starting a new job?
  • Giving a report to your boss? 
  • Talking with a government official, or the police?
  • Buying a car?
  • Organizing the office party? 
  • Seeing a lawyer?

Feeling stress and/or anxiety in these everyday situations is a fact of life for most people. The question is, is there a better way to handle this stress, a way to transform it into increased power and confidence? 

There are a number of ways to deal with everyday stress and anxiety.
Which group below do you sympathize with the most?


The Ostrich

These people go out of their way to avoid any potential stressful situations. They decline invitations, prevent interaction by not expressing their opinion and tend to keep their own company. Like the Ostrich they bury their head in the sand.


The Bull

These people deal with stress head on, but without any control. They gobble antacid tablets like Skittles, apply deodorant constantly and spend a lot of time either laundering their sweat-soaked clothes or buying new ones.


The Trender

These people are constantly on the look-out for the newest and the latest. They are quick to try anything that comes along, and, with little success, they are normally on to the next fad at the blink of an eye. 


The Dedicated

These people invest their time, money, and energy over a long period of time and are the ones who see the best results. They join Toastmaster groups, take courses and go to numerous speaking events, read and study, and constantly practice. 

The Dedicated group certainly gets the best results.
But considering their time, money and energy invested,
the important question is,
"Isn't there an easier, faster, better way to get results?"

The simple answer is YES! 
Which brings us to our last group. Well, it really isn't a group,
as there are very few people who fit into this category.


The Expert

This person has these qualifications:
+ Someone who has dedicated a huge portion of his/her life to solving the everyday stress problem
+ Someone who has spent his/her own time working through numerous courses, classes and programs to become the most educated in dealing with everyday stress
+ Someone who has tried all of the claimed solutions in real-life, practical situations, to determine what works, and more importantly, what doesn't work
+ Someone who has invested their time, energy and money seeking out solutions

And after all of this the Expert has:
+ Spent countless hours perfecting the solution AND has the ability to turn that knowledge and experience into a fun, interesting, action-packed course that provides instant results, without having the student commit to the same time, energy, and money invested that the Expert has.

An Expert, by definition,
is someone who has spent
over 10,000 hours
honing their skills and perfecting their craft.

Introducing Durango's Expert... 
Roger Haskett 

Roger has enjoyed a rich and diverse career as an award-winning writer, director, actor, teacher, speaker and entrepreneur. Roger and his company, Engagement Unlimited, focus on helping groups and individuals maximize their confidence and transform their stress into SUCCESS.

Roger is an extremely passionate and positive individual with infectious energy that will captivate, energize and move you. Roger holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and a Master’s in Education. He has acted in over 150 films, TV shows and commercials and he has auditioned approximately 3,000 times over the past 20 years!

What has he done, you might ask?

  • Acting Credits

X-Files, Supernatural, Stargate, I Robot, Juno, See Spot Run, Fringe, Paycheck, Psych, Duets, The Flash, and Lovesick: Confessions of a Sex Addict, to name just a few.

  • Worked with

Ben Affleck, Matt Dillon, Paul Giamatti, Shia LaBeouf, Jack Lemon, Ricky Schroder

Curious what people think of Roger, our Expert?

Tweets after Roger presented at ISES, International Special Events Society, in New Orleans, August 20-22, 2015

​Travis-Lee Moore ‏@theartofparty Aug 22New Orleans, LA
@rogerhaskett "Lamborghini of Anger vs. Maserati of Happiness" I love this guy! #iseslive2015

ISES San Antonio ‏@ises_sa Aug 22
Thank you @rogerhaskett for a great uplifting talk. You are making a difference! #WeareISES

Sarah D Cissna, CSEP ‏@sdcissna Aug 22
Thank you, @rogerhaskett, for bringing the energy this Saturday morning!! #ISESLive4

Jessica Broz ‏@Jess_Broz Aug 22
"Public speaking is our # 1 fear, death is # 3" @rogerhaskett #truth #ISESLive2015

Rebecca Abram ‏@rlabram Aug 22
Get comfortable being uncomfortable - @rogerhaskett #ISESLive #WeAreISES

Erin Rayner ‏@780ErinRayner Aug 22
"Be the biggest best most authentic version of yourself" Pressure Cooker Confidence! best keynote of @ISESLive! Thanks @rogerhaskett!

liliLadyFace ‏@liliLadyFace Aug 22New Orleans, LA
Thank you SO MUCH @rogerhaskett for inspiring us at such a level! #iseslive2015

Cosmopolitan Events ‏@cosmoevents Aug 22
Practice being uncomfortable, own the room, snippets from @rogerhaskett @ISESLive #weareISES #keynotespeaker

Jessica Broz ‏@Jess_Broz Aug 22
@rogerhaskett Thank You for the riveting nuggets of inspiration!! "Wrestle the devils of your shoulder" A - Maze - Ing #ISESLive

LindseyHollingsworth ‏@Lollingsworth Aug 22
Thank you @rogerhaskett for speaking this morning at @ISESLive! I'd love to get the rest of your #rogersrules

"The world is lucky that a talented actor named Roger Haskett..."

"The world is lucky that a talented actor named Roger Haskett has stepped off the stage and into the meeting world. His energy and passion light up a room. At a recent national conference I attended, he was by far the best speaker. I was amazed by his fun sense of humor and — most important — how much I learned from him. I implemented his tips immediately and saw noticeable improvement in my business."

Dallas Morning News Columnist

"... you knocked my socks off..."

"Roger….once again, you knocked my socks off with your energy and humour. Way to go team!"

Vision Photo

"Roger is so full of energy and wisdom."

"Roger is so full of energy and wisdom. This is one session you won’t want to miss!”

President, Executives Network

"A masterful performance..."

"Roger kept our group of Executive Leaders and VP’s captivated and entertained with his unique insight and enthusiasm. A masterful performance, this team of high achievers were completely engaged in Roger’s wonderfully interactive Pressure Cooker Confidence presentation. An excellent addition to any conference or team building event - we’d love to have him back again!"

General Manager, Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Hotel

Yes, Now it's Finally Time for the Big Reveal...

The Course that is the Perfect Solution to...

  • Accelerate your Leadership by transforming your stress into increased confidence and personal power.

  • Understand how your brain and body work under stress, and how best to manage yourself for optimal performance.

  • Improve your public speaking abilities, harness your energy more efficiently, prepare for stress more effectively, AND identify and start managing your issues so they don’t interfere with your leadership… (so you can improve your Leadership).

  • Learn how to discover who YOUR authentic self really is.

  • As a LEADER, Learn How To get out of your own way so YOU can better manage your teams and projects. And once out of your own way, learn how to craft the best way for YOU to communicate and interact with YOUR teams (and those in their lives).

  • Roger’s Rules focus on Leaders and the business repercussions (consequences/outcomes) that occur daily. BUT Roger’s Rules also crossover to your personal life where they will help with relationships, personal challenges, understanding who you are and how to shape/sculpt the biggest best most authentic version of yourself you can possibly be even when under extreme stress.

  • Become a better leader and a better you. Do it while having fun and watch your professional and personal life change… for the better!

  • Learn the Insider Secrets on how to transform your stress into success so that you perform brilliantly from the office to everyday social events.

  • You will develop YOUR authenticity, YOUR confidence and YOUR engagement skills so that YOU, as a Leader, can communicate (more) effectively while under pressure.

  • Roger’s Rules with teach you to become a better Leader by learning how to avoid making mistakes and focus on getting positive results fast.

  • Roger’s Rules will teach you how to be the Leader that makes a difference. What specific differences? How about: a happier, more competent staff, a more efficient organization, more engaged team members, increased confidence, more personal power, increased productivity and creativity, more passion, more interest, more enthusiasm, more success!!

Roger, our Confidence, Communication and Performance Expert, teaches with an informal, safe, and playful style that fosters collaborative and experiential learning. 

You’ll hear fascinating stories while learning practical presentation skills and you will have fun along the way.

Roger has taught thousands how to become the BIGGEST, Best, MOST AUTHENTIC version of themselves they possibly can be. And he has put the best of his knowledge, experience, skill and dedication into this course that has been created just for you.

This course is the ultimate “shortcut” to...

Transforming YOUR Stress into SUCCESS

Becoming the LEADER that Makes a DIFFERENCE


Our Course has been created to develop authenticity, confidence and engagement skills so that you can communicate effectively while under pressure. As a seasoned actor, Roger explores the techniques that performers use to excel in stressful situations. 

Come away with exponentially more confidence to communicate and engage others in stressful situations. You will feel empowered!

Perfect for: sales reps, managers, entrepreneurs, office workers, parents, teachers, professionals, trainers, coaches, artists, writers, nurses, architects, pilots, business owners, bank clerks, mechanics, lawyers, cooks, police officers, painters, designers, receptionists, musicians, photographers, technicians, social workers, engineers, waiters, ... just about everyone who experiences negative stress in their lives.

Did you know a new study shows that Non-Verbal Communication is made up of 3 components, but BODY LANGUAGE is a staggering 75% of the total? Our Expert turns this 'Neuroscience Life Hack' into practical and usable processes to help you in everyday situations.

Don't let STRESS stop you from achieving your goals.

So, what EXACTLY do you get when you register today?

11 Core Modules with advanced video training, 3 Bonus Modules, PLUS 6 INSANE VIP BONUSES (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

  • Lifetime access to ALL the material
  • 100% online -- login 24/7 -- immediate access
  • Step-by-step training program
  • Live Q & A Video Conference, with recordings posted in the Member’s Only Area so you can watch anytime
  • 14 Resource Guides to “Lock in Learning”
  • Supplemental Team Member Resource Guides (14) designed for you to work with your Team Members
  • Bonus PDF: Guide to Implementing Roger’s Rules
  • Bonus Modules: Roger’s Rules 12, 13, & 14
  • Bonus Video: Walking Through the "DOOR"

PLUS -- Customers-only Facebook group where you will interact with fellow Leaders, all going through the exact same process- giving you an incredible network of like-minded and forward thinking Leaders to help and support you.

Module 1

This is Where IT Started/This is Me (and Probably YOU Too!)

    1. Most people let stress determine their character. Learn how to put your character in charge of stress.
    2. Stop devaluing yourself: Learn to recognize and avoid “Black Hole Black Magic”.
    3. Take charge of your relationship with stress and learn how to maximize your confidence.
Module 2

The Birth of Roger’s Rules

    1. Life finds out what you need to learn, and then RUBS your face in it until you do.
    2. Get on the fast track and Turbo Charge YOUR learning.
    3. Learn how to increase YOUR confidence and have MORE personal power!
Module 3

Roger’s Rules -- Get Comfortable Being UNcomfortable

    1. Turbo charge your growth: Learn to BETTER understand and interpret the SIGNS of discomfort.
    2. Understand the challenges and advantages of being a HERD species.
    3. Identify your SELF-PERPETUATED issues. DISCOVER how they determine YOUR reality more than ACTUAL reality.
    4. Be YOUR bird – you have to see this one to believe it!
Module 4

Roger’s Rules -- Fight to be Positive

    1. Harness the stress that weighs you down to create PERSONAL POWER.
    2. Recognize and overcome NEGATIVE behaviors and habits that are inhibiting your SUCCESS.
    3. Learn to be in the moment - IMMEDIATE REALITY always trumps your content!
Module 5

Roger’s Rules -- The POWER of Pretending

    1. Get immediate results, confidence, and stress reduction with POWER POSING.
    2. Understand the power of DUAL REALITY and how to use it to your advantage.
    3. Understand the immense power behind Henry Ford's philosophy, "You are what you think!"
Module 6

Roger’s Rules -- The Way you THINK about Stress Determines its Impact

    1. Change the way you think about stress to use it to your ADVANTAGE in every situation.
    2. Yerkes Dodson chart - stress is both our friend and our enemy- learn how the Experts make it work for them.
    3. Discover the NEW ways to think and deal with stress! Then apply them to your life for increased health, happiness and humor.
Module 7

Roger’s Rules -- Practice Out Loud, Tape it and Watch it

    1. Learn the 3 step rule that will elevate your PRESENCE and PERFORMANCE.
    2. Why most leaders won't use it to their professional advantage - and how to be the leader that does.
    3. Apply what Neuroscience is teaching us about Performance to improve your career and life.
    4. Use recent findings in Neuroscience to stop your brain from hijacking your positive energy.
Module 8

Roger’s Rules -- Smile

    1. Learn how to use Neuroscience to control a room within 2 minutes!
    2. Discover how Positive Emotion and Play are super powers!
    3. Turn "Neuroscience Life Hacks" into practical and usable processes to help you in everyday situations.
Module 9

Roger’s Rules -- Body Language

    1. Discover the surprising truth about YOUR body language!
    2. Get ahead of the pack by learning to put your resources in the RIGHT AREAS.
    3. Gain the benefits of “ALIGNING THOUGHT, INTENTION AND BODY” for your own success.
Module 10

Roger’s Rules -- The Last One to Know How You Did in the Room is … YOU!

    1. Discover the Most Powerful Rule for Presentations, Performances and Peace of Mind.
    2. Learn how to keep your focus on being present (where it can do some good) and not on judging your performance (which is a waste of your resources).
Module 11

Roger’s Rules -- The Power of Play => Have Lots of Fun!

    1. This is the ONE RULE that changed everything for me. EVERYTHING!
    2. Everything else falls into place when you confront your stress with fun and playfulness.
    3. APPLY Play and Fun to your career and life and see an explosion of excitement, ease and energy.


Module 12

Roger’s Rules -- Your X Starts the Moment they can see or hear you
and Finishes the Moment they can't

    1. Avoid this common mistake during presentations/sales pitches/meetings - so people pay attention to YOU!
    2. Identify the Social Media trap- and turn it to your advantage.
    3. Learn to better manage your time and resources - so that you focus on the key times people are judging you.
Module 13

Roger’s Rules -- The Call Back

    1. Learn the Insider Secrets on how to stay positive and focused during the second meeting.
    2. Discover how to turn your heightened stress to your advantage.
    3. Learn the simple rule for Call Back success.
Module 14

Roger’s Rules -- In your CHOICE lies your TALENT

    1. Learn how to use the 90% Principle to maximize your achievements.
    2. Unlock your hidden talents using this Insider Secret.
    3. Apply the Power of Choice for future success.

And, when you Enroll Today, you'll also get these

Bonus 1

Live Q & A Video Conference

    This is your opportunity to ask your burning questions and get specific answers directly from Roger. Date and time will be posted in the Member's Only Area. The recording will be posted in case you cannot attend live. And the recording will be available to review anytime you want.

Bonus 2

14 Resource Guides to “Lock in Learning”

    The Resources Guides have been created to give you additional support, direction and guidance. Each Resource Guide is linked to a specific Module. Each one starts with a list of the Key Takeaways that are discussed in the video for that Module. Following this is a section with Questions to Ask Yourself + Actions to Take that help you to Lock in Your Learning. The Resource Guides are available in PDF format for easy use so that you can print them out and fill them in with your thoughts/answers/statements/questions.

Bonus 3

Supplemental Team Member Resource Guides (14)

    In addition to the Resource Guides above, we have created a series of Resource Guides specifically for your Team Members (your staff, co-workers, employees; anyone you work with). These have been designed to help you, as a Leader, apply and adapt the course material so that your Team Members get the benefits as well. 

Bonus 4

Guide to Implementing Roger’s Rules

    Want to make sure you get the maximum results from this course? Then you will appreciate this simple, clear, easy to follow guide. It explains how to best go through the course, how to use the Resource Guides, and how to implement Roger's Rules.

Bonus 5

Video: Walking Through the "DOOR"

    This is a bonus video where Roger shows you, with an 'Over the Shoulder' viewpoint, on how to be the biggest, best version of yourself getting ready to walk through the "Door". The "Door" is the doorway to any event where stress may be involved: a sales presentation, a performance review, attending networking or social events, talking with your parents/children/significant other, reporting to your boss, etc.

Bonus 6

Customers-only Facebook Group 

    This is a special Facebook Group for customers only. This is where you can interact with fellow Leaders who are experiencing the same trials and tribulations that you are. This gives you an incredible network of like-minded and forward thinking Leaders to help and support you. A place to network with your peers. A place to get and give feedback. A place to share accomplishments. A place for inspiration, insight, encouragement, and motivation.

Who Is This Course For?

Our Course has been created to develop authenticity, confidence and engagement skills so that you can communicate effectively while under pressure. Come away with exponentially more confidence to communicate and engage others in stressful situations. You will feel empowered!

This course is for LEADERS. And who exactly is a LEADER?

Definition of a LEADER: "Anyone who separates from the herd and turns back to face the herd and tries to affect the behavior of the herd or part of the herd.”
Or, in other words, a LEADER is anyone who guides, inspires, directs, teaches, coaches, motivates, trains, demonstrates, influences, or manages. 


Learn how to get out of your own way so YOU can better manage your teams and projects. And once out of your own way, learn how to craft the best way for YOU to communicate and interact with YOUR teams (and those in their lives).


Harness your energy more efficiently, prepare for stress more effectively, AND identify and start managing your issues so they don’t interfere with your business.

Sales Reps

Understand how your brain and body work under stress, and how best to manage yourself for optimal performance. Have the Confidence and Personal Power to give a great presentation and close the deal.

All the Others

Teachers, professionals, coaches, artists, writers, nurses, architects, pilots, lawyers, police officers, painters, designers, parents, musicians, photographers, technicians, social workers, engineers.

Develop YOUR authenticity, YOUR confidence and YOUR engagement skills so that YOU, as a Leader, can communicate (more) effectively while under pressure.

Need more proof on Roger's talents and abilities?

“Brilliant presentation you gave, Roger..."

“Brilliant presentation you gave, Roger, at Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in Toronto. Lots of great value!

"Roger combines a mega-genius mind with suburb acting skills and delivers a practical, powerful message to his audience. I was glad to get there.”

Hall of Fame Speaker

"Roger is a true talent and it was awe-inspiring..."

"Roger is a true talent and it was awe-inspiring watching him deliver his presentation on “Managing Executive Expectations” He was literally bursting with energy and had the entire room captivated with his intensity and charisma.

"I would not hesitate to hire or work with Roger again and I would enthusiastically recommend his services. Thank you Roger for playing a key role in making our conference a success!"

Project Management Institute

"[Roger is] one of the most enlightening, entertaining speakers I’ve ever heard..."

“[Roger is] one of the most enlightening, entertaining speakers I’ve ever heard and I would recommend him to any industrial or commercial group that wants to improve their speaking abilities.”

Dynamic Leadership Inc.

"I loved your presentations and energy..."

"I loved your presentations and energy, and can definitely say that I learned a lot from you! Thank you again for taking time to come to Mobify and teach us about confidence and public speaking."


"We are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Roger..."

"We are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with you (Roger) and really get an understanding of all you can do from speaking, to the amazing entertainment, to your role as emcee. I am so looking forward to working with you again at my first opportunity and having you back as a part of the 2015 Leadership Summit. You took the event from good to amazing with your humour, energy and enthusiasm. Thank you a million times over."

Co-Owner Rare Affairs

"... every person I met at the event agreed that yours was the best speech of all."

"Thank you so much for your wonderful speech given today at the PMI (Project Management Institute) event, every person I met at the event agreed that yours was the best speech of all.

"I liked many of the concepts you talked about, I even will be using the following statement frequently from now on, and I will quote: "as Roger Haskett says"…the world is always looking for people that make a difference…"

Strategic Business Development for Western Canada and Latin America

"The session was so successful that Roger..."

"The session was so successful that Roger went on to present the same program to their senior executives subsequent to this in Salt Lake City!"

Ovation Canada

"Roger is one of the best MC’s I’ve seen (and I’ve seen many)."

"Roger is one of the best MC’s I’ve seen (and I’ve seen many). At the MPI June Gala I thought he did exactly what an emcee should do. Entertaining and confident, yet somehow subtle in the delivery. He was in control and fun… but really didn’t take the spotlight. The MPI Awards were about the award winners, and he performed perfectly."

CEO, Media FX Group

"I followed many of your suggestions and found to my amazement that I WAS NOT EVEN NERVOUS!"

"I wanted to let you know that your seminar was instrumental in helping me with a book launch party I was throwing 2 weeks after the seminar. I followed many of your suggestions and found to my amazement that I WAS NOT EVEN NERVOUS! I had fun, guests had fun, people bought books…what more could I ask for? I memorized 3 poems and recited them unaided and without error, I read three selections from my book without faltering, and I spoke for over 45 minutes in a bio/ Q&A session and I felt totally calm and comfortable. Wow!

"You had an enormous impact on me and my ability to achieve this life long goal…thank you, thank you, thank you!

"Yesterday I was asked to do a reading at a bookstore on Main and I didn’t have the slightest hesitation when I said yes. You see, I’m an old pro now!”

Author of "No Reason To Stay"

"You were tons of fun and had a huge impact..."

"Thank you! You were tons of fun and had a huge impact on creating the energized atmosphere at the summit. I really think that you setting the tone you did enabled people to connect better than they would have otherwise."

First West Credit Union

"... enrich your learning habits and increase both productivity and creativity."

"Roger demonstrates how incorporating play at your conference, your workplace or simply your daily life can enrich your learning habits and increase both productivity and creativity. This session was interactive, informative and pure fun! I would highly recommend introducing the Power of Play with Roger Haskett to your colleagues and associates. Get ready to be transformed."

Meeting Planners International

So you might be thinking:
"Will this Course Work for Me?"

It’s like getting personal consults with your own personal expert, without the personal price… 10 years of teaching, classes, university, coaching, 3,000 auditions, books, blogs, exercises, time, expense…

· You can do this from your home or office (convenient and private)

· You can join our Facebook family and community of like-minded people

· You can get your questions answered and achieve your goals faster…

· The fastest, easiest way to get results…

Our goal is to…

…help YOU achieve success sooner

…help YOU accelerate your journey

…help guide YOU towards your goal of Increased Confidence and more Personal Power

…To BEAT STRESS in everyday situations for a better life

…To transform YOU into the biggest, best, most authentic version of yourself you can possibly be in any moment.

Habits are hard to change, right? That's why you've probably been struggling with stress in your life, whether it is personal or business stress. If we parted ways right now, would you agree it's highly doubtful that you'd immediately change you habits and behavior to have increased confidence and more personal power? In fact, you probably are already aware how easy it is to fall back into your old habits. Well we are not going to let that happen to you.

· If you want true, lasting change of habits so you finally CAN transform your stress into success, then you're going to need repeated exposure to these concepts, and you're going to need accountability. Luckily for you, our Course will do exactly that.

· Listen, Roger has spent the last 20 years of his life using trial and error methods to discover the secrets that he can GIVE you today for a small investment.

· You can do the same. You can go out there and spend countless hours… Dealing with all the stress, headaches and making all the same mistakes he did.

· Why would you do that? When you can shave thousands of hours of headache and heartache off by simply exchanging a small amount of money for the course to immediate success.

· You are already here! You obviously see the benefits of tackling this issue in your life.

· Breeze past the pitfalls as Roger gives you the essence of his thousands of hours of experience so you can shortcut your path to success to a matter of hours or days instead of months and years. When you look at it like that I think you’ll agree that you’re getting the deal of the century when you sign up today.

· Our course is the ultimate “shortcut” to Transforming YOUR Stress into SUCCESS. Get all the “Insider Secrets” from the best trainer in the world – right at your fingertips (from the comfort of your own home or office)!


So I am sure you are dying to find out how much the course is, right? With everything we have for you today – including the 11 Core Modules, PLUS the 3 Bonus Modules, PLUS the 6 INSANE VIP BONUSES… You can see why we think it’s a good deal to offer this to you for $3,000.

· At least that’s what most people would offer a special deal like this for, and let me tell you, you’d still be getting the bargain end of it.

· BUT hold on. We decided, however, to let you have it for not $3,000, or even $2,000, (drum roll please...) but at the special introductory price of just $997. Which includes LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP and our 100% money back guarantee. But you need to act fast if you want to secure this heavily discounted price. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER.

· So we would like to claim that you risk nothing today because of our special unconditional guarantee – but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate.

· While it’s true your financial risk IS NOTHING, you always will risk time. That’s why you’ll love our ‘30 minutes or 60 days’ guarantee which goes like this…

· Sign up immediately today. If you don’t like it, don’t even give us a reason. We don’t even care if it’s 30 minutes after you sign up… You contact our support desk and say ‘Give me my money back now!’ – and we will.

· Or you can go up to 59 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes and THEN ask for your money back – again, without even giving a reason why – and we will return every single penny back to you promptly and quietly – plus we can still remain friends.

· The real question is – is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time to check this out – which if it does even half of what we’ve claimed - will have you transforming your stress into success with increased confidence and more personal power, and becoming the biggest, best, most authentic version of yourself you can possibly be!


Durango's 30 Minutes or 60 Days’ Guarantee

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Learn to be the biggest, best, most authentic version of yourself you can possibly be in any moment...

Still on the fence? Then let's hear what promises Roger makes to you.

  • "I promise that this material will affect the way you operate as a leader, entrepreneur, manager."
  • "I promise that the stories I tell will be relatable, personal, entertaining and super fun all along the way!"
  • "I promise that this course will change your life!"

Are you one of those people that has real content, real thoughts, really important things to say or do, but who is stopped from acting? From making the biggest impact by those internal things that haunt all of us? It’s our self-perpetuated beliefs that stop us ridiculously more than any other “real” thing (i.e. in the real world). Beliefs like:

I’m not good enough.

I’m not smart enough.

I’m not talented enough.

I’m not kind enough.

I’m not confident enough.

And ultimately “I’m not me enough”.

Roger helps people become themselves. Bigger, Better, More Authentic Versions, even in serious stress situations. 

Tired of the same results? The same input that delivers the same output? Ready to take your Leadership to the next level?

Turbo charge your learning curve, and create positive, lasting and life-changing habits by applying the leading-edge, innovative, and proven Roger's Rules.

Simple and easy to do. Just watch the videos and you will Increase YOUR CONFIDENCE and YOUR PERSONAL POWER while you become the LEADER that Makes a DIFFERENCE.

Remember Roger's promise: "I promise that this course will change your life!"

The full course will show you everything you need to know to Become the Biggest, Best, Most Authentic Leader you can Possibly Be. Using the proven Roger’s Rules, you will learn the exact techniques and strategies that Roger developed to help you Increase YOUR CONFIDENCE and YOUR PERSONAL POWER so that you can become a Better Leader. You don’t need a degree in computer science to pull this off. Apart from the willingness to implement Roger’s Rules, you don’t need to buy anything else.

As Roger says, "I GUARANTEE you can do this. I’ll show you my proven strategies that I am convinced will work for you. And if they doesn't, I'll give you your money back."

This will be the best investment in yourself that you will make this year. MAYBE EVER!

Don’t delay and miss this incredible opportunity. The right time to take positive action is always now. As Jack Canfield once said, 

“Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them.
They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the
next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals
rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.” 

Let us help guide you, using the proven Roger’s Rules, to take the next steps towards
Becoming the LEADER that Makes a DIFFERENCE.

FAQ's: Frequently asked Questions... and the Answers

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How do I put a value on this course?

This course sounds like a lot of work?

Will this course come on sale in the future?

Most Flexible


The first payment of $197 will be taken today, followed by 5 further payments of $197, 1 payment each 30 days.

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You will learn the secret skills that professional actors use for success. Skills that will serve you well for life.


You have lifetime access to the Course. Forever! For free. Yes, really.


If for any reason this course is not for you, let us know within 60 days and we'll issue a 100% refund, no questions asked!

"Entertaining. Insightful. Informative."

"Entertaining. Insightful. Informative. Roger Haskett’s Pressure Cooker Confidence held our attention for two hours and left us wanting more. Through his interactive presentation, Roger convinced us that we too can perform comfortably and confidently at the office and into the boardroom."

Certified Administrative Professional

"Your keynote was very inspiring and motivational..."

"Your keynote was very inspiring and motivational -- students were talking about it and referencing it even at the end of the conference. We were extremely happy to have you there!"

Mini Enterprise UBC
“I found this morning’s presentation with Roger really inspiring."
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Let's recap what is included in this course:

  • Current and time tested strategies
  • Unlimited LIFETIME access to all course material, including the 11 Core Modules, the 3 Bonus Modules, and the 6 INSANE VIP BONUSES
  • Watch and learn at your convenience
  • Exclusive content
  • Tips and techniques from a true master
  • Increased confidence as you achieve your goals
  • Learn the expert skills and get 1st hand knowledge without having to invest years of your time
  • A boost to your everyday positive mental attitude
  • Accelerate the time it takes to transform your vision into reality
  • Learn how applied knowledge is real power
  • Saves you time – Our Expert has thousands of hours invested in his expertise, and is ready to pass that knowledge on to you
  • Saves you money – Our Expert continually invests in educating himself, and gives you the condensed version that you can implement immediately
  • Our Expert will show you how to avoid making mistakes and focus just on getting positive results fast
  • Understand the science behind how your brain works and how to overcome stress
  • Learn to be the biggest, best, most authentic version of yourself you can possibly be in any moment
  • Learn how our Expert turns 'Neuroscience Life Hacks' into practical, easy to follow steps, and how you can too!
  • Learn Roger's Rules and how they put you on the fast track to success

Fast Track: You can fast track it with this course! We are not saying this is going to be a piece of cake — BUT we can march through this together! With accountability and with a community of others who are wanting the same things!

Most Flexible


The first payment of $197 will be taken today, followed by 5 further payments of $197, 1 payment each 30 days.

Best Value


SAVE $185 and pay $997 once.

"There are two types of people in the world - The Nervous and The Liars"
 -- Mark Twain

Don't delay any longer -- Learn how to turn that NERVOUSNESS into CONFIDENCE!

P.S. Not sure if this amazing course is for you? Consider what could happen in your life if you were able to transform your stress into success and increase your confidence and have more personal power. 

Would that mean a...

pay raise?
Or mastering that presentation that you have been dreading?
Or finally being able to
ask out that someone special?
Or leading the meeting in a
cool and confident manner?
Or attending that network or social meeting?
Or getting a promotion?
Or having a happier and more positive discussion with your partner, parents, children?
Or being able to work with your co-workers in a more
harmonious atmosphere?
Or feeling more comfortable and relaxed the next time you report to your boss? 
Or just reducing the anxiety that stress causes in everyday situations? 

Every second you delay is another opportunity for
stress to get in the way of a more confident and powerful you. So don't miss out on this incredible risk free opportunity. Jump in with both feet NOW and let Roger help transform your stress into success and increased confidence and personal power.

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The first payment of $197 will be taken today, followed by 5 further payments of $197, 1 payment each 30 days.

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SAVE $185 and pay $997 once.

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